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  TRU Indie Access

     New TV Series - PGtv - Music

Cast and crew members

Series cast summary


As a newcomer to the television industry, she's sly, she's slick and she's very much smoov throughout the independent urban music scene. She goes by the name of Gilan (jü-lawn). Now she will debut on her first television series within the music industry. Her dream is to become the number one television show for the music industry and jump start careers of upcoming new artists.


When it comes down to supporting independent urban music artists, producers and labels, Dundee is the number one supporter for indies via radio. Now he's created and hosting a new show for the indies. His experience shall catapult  the independent market to higher ground.


Executive Producers:



Dundee, Musical MD, Gilan, Robert "Robbie" Geason


Robert  Geason for London Fog Studios

Production Assistant:


Technical Director:



Bill Clark, Joseph Collins, Jr., Miller Martin

Set Designers:

Gilan, Dundee, MD

Assistance Director:

Bill Clark, Joseph Collins, Jr


Ross Jordan


Seta Sundahta



TRU Indie Access is a new music video television program that showcases independent artists and labels music videos on Punch TV Network beginning this spring.  Now television viewers can experience independent music video from all over the world. There's no boundaries to this new venue for urban music prospects.  Hopefully, this music video will single-handedly revitalized the slumping independent recording industry, revolutionized television, expanded radio formatting, ignited the careers of dozens of unknown music performers, breathed new life into dance and choreography, and opened avenues of potential in the movie industry. It also changed marketing and audience demographics by creating a new inter-connection and interdependence among television, movies, and music.  The new forum to showcase music video shot by independent video production companies and created by independent music artists and labels has the opportunity to be seen in millions of households throughout the country.



Country:  USA

Language:  English


Companies Credits

Distributor:  Underground Urban Music Access Company (U-MAC)

Production Company:  London Fog Video & Film Company