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Client-Consultant relationship is taken very serious by U-MAC.  The truth is that U-MAC believes in their client ability to be successful in the music industry, independent that is.  Two things from our experience drive our to branding your business situation.  Our agreement is more than just a legal binding contract, it's an educational phrase.

Whereas, U-MAC (Consultant) a marketing consultant specializing in the independent urban music market located in Hawthorne, CA will provide their clients limited consulting services for current musical project.  The consultant will provide additional advice, assistance, duties schedule and the applicable policies and procedures.  The Consultant, under the agreement, will be permitted to perform designed duties for a period that's not less than six-months and not more than two years per project.  It's understood by client that the first six-months of the agreement shall serve as a probationary period to evaluate the process of the Client-Consultant relationship and the Company effort to reach design schedule duties set forth by Consultant.

In conclusion, Consultant hope to educate their clients to the best of their ability by introducing the fields of business modeling, promotional strategy, production launch, distribution strategy and product strategy during the duration of this business and education relationship.

If you believe that this presentation by U-MAC could be your best option or something U-MAC said in this presentation strike a chord, give us call, or simply shoot us an email now before something else interrupts you from your train of thought. And put the U-MAC advantage to work for you and your company.

It would be nice to meet with you face to face, but a simple phone call could narrow down your decision in choice of professionals you would love to work with.  Although we're probably located in another geographical location, working with clients outside of our location or with clients within our location, could still work and communicate via telephone calls and emails.  This communication system has been proven it would allow us to perform our strategies just as effectively.

Just contact us now.

As you may know, nothing will be done for you for FREE.  Keep in mind, this is business!  Cost transparency enables you to make informed decisions on where costs can be reduced without compromising on business transformation.  As a potential client, you're looking for a consultant to do more for less.  In three letters and a punctuation mark, that consultant name should be U-MAC (Underground Urban Music Access Company), an ex-marketing business turn business and marketing consultation company based in Southern California.

Our fees are simple, straight forward and economical affordable.  U-MAC will interject a monthly fee of $ 75.00.  The fee will cover the educational and strategies phrases of the consultation.  No strings attached during the duration of the agreement.  When the project product line are put up for sales, U-MAC would additionally receive ten percent (10%) of all sales related to the project product line.  This fee will go effective immediately upon distribution all products.  Product line will include merchandising, all records and compact discs and all other miscellaneous related sales.  Other income from concerts and appearances will be excluded.  Other fees will include late monthly payments, re-instatement and other related penalty fees stated in the agreement.