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The Underground Urban Music Access Company is a marketing-network consulting company that specializes in tutoring independent urban music prospects.  We assist unsigned and independent label artists, producers and executives to reach their music career goals.  We produced and hosted musical and educational events, create marketing strategies and connect you with music most prominent individuals in the entertainment business that can make a differences in your success or failure. With this struggling music industry for the independent urban music sector, everyone's looking forward in making a comeback from low record sales to a reasonably size of profits. Underground Urban Music Access Company better known as "U-MAC" looks forward in help making an impact in restructuring the struggle independent urban music business for upcoming music prospects in today's music market.
Unsigned and independent urban music prospects should expect a fair shake from the people who believes in their struggles.  Together as a company-client relationship, we will work to help you strategize your commercial value, market your product, market your image and introduce the entire musical package to the chosen test audience.  U-MAC will customize each client music career according to the agreement that both parties agreed upon and provide procurement consultation and insight on how to utilize entertainment promotions to your advantage. That's why U-MAC is consider as the independent urban music educators.
The team of U-MAC has done wonderful things for unsigned and independent urban music prospect over the years.  They have excellent business relationships with some of  the most prominent entertainment individuals in the industry.  They have produced talent showcases, special events, music seminar & workshops and benefits.  They have outstanding client service relationship and understand business with a strict budget program.  They provide great professional service that include bookings, media, marketing, promotion, radio and now television. Don't just take our word for it, ask for free consultation meeting.  Then know us on a personal professional level.

We are very serious about the independent urban music market. That's why we design several business educational steps to assist urban music prospects toward their musical career goals. Our first step is our business development program guiding our clients to legalize their career and company with the necessary legal documents register with the court.  The second step is our music production development program that help our clients to select their debut single for promotions. The next step is to select an image for their artists.  Our fourth step is our marketing development program. This is when we lay out a marketing strategy to our clients. Also, we have design a provider program that involve entertainment most reliable professionals ranging from legal to sales. We are a professional consultancy firm that will do everything possible in educating our clients toward a successful music career. But remember, it's not GUARANTEE that you will be a successful label or producer or artist in the music industry, major or independent. We only GUARANTEE that you will enjoy the journey to success if there's any. Your main objective should be to do any and everything possible to give your musical career the opportunity to become successful.